Who was Lou Sullivan the trans activist and why you should know about him!

Lou Sullivan is one of my biggest inspirations and people sometimes say I look like him but not many people even know who he is so here's some info about this amazing Trans Activist <3

Lou Sullivan was a transgender activist and writer who made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, specifically advocating for the rights and visibility of transgender men. Sullivan was born on September 14, 1951, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and identified as male from a young age.

Sullivan is known for his pioneering work as a transgender activist during a time when transgender rights were not widely recognized or understood. He was a vocal advocate for transgender men, working to challenge gender norms, fight discrimination, and promote understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals.

One of Sullivan's notable achievements was co-founding the Society for the Second Self (Tri-Ess), an organization that provided support and resources for cross-dressing and transgender individuals. He also founded FTM International, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to supporting transgender men, providing resources, and advocating for their rights.

Sullivan was also an accomplished writer, and his work played a significant role in raising awareness about transgender issues. He authored "Information for the Female-to-Male Crossdresser and Transsexual" and "The FTM Newsletter," which were crucial resources for transgender men seeking information and support.

Tragically, Sullivan passed away on March 9, 1991, due to complications from AIDS. However, his legacy lives on as a pioneering figure in the transgender rights movement. Sullivan's advocacy and visibility as a transgender man during a time when transgender issues were often overlooked or ignored paved the way for progress in transgender rights and acceptance. Today, he is remembered as a trailblazer and a vital figure in transgender history, and his contributions continue to inspire and inform ongoing efforts to promote transgender rights and visibility.

I even have his quote "One of those people who has their own interpretation of happiness" on my left ankle from his published diaries "We Both Laughed in Pleasure".

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