Even Beautiful things end. Everything ends, if we truly love something or someone we let it end and we let them go.

Then we can do the work to honor the beauty of what we had without craving to make it something more than it was.

Gratitude even for what will never be again.

That's what this collection is about...

I made my favorite zine, maybe we broke up, into a shirt. This zine means so much to me, I made it in peak breakup heartache while crying for almost a month straight. I had never had such a beautiful healthy love and even though it didn't last I will be forever grateful for what we shared.

2 sides, 2 side of every relationship. 2 sides of my attachment style, 2 sides to every coin. How can I live in harmony with the multiple sides and facets of human life, of relationships, of knowing myself. That is what this piece is about.

This piece is about finding myself after loss. Coming back to the core of me. Grounded, stable, and secure but still fun and different. It is a symbol of the inner truth that lives in us all, that knowing you can always go back to.

and now we close it out with the end, a beautiful end to a beautiful moment. I am so glad I fell in love, I am so grateful I loved her fully and I am grateful it is over </3

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