Pride might be over but we're not going anywhere!

Mars here w some sappy stuff to say <3 

I wanted to reach out and express my heartfelt gratitude for making this Pride month absolutely unforgettable. The love, support, and positive energy I witnessed made me cry many a Trans Joy tear.
I want to emphasize that my commitment to centering my community doesn't end when Pride Month ends. Throughout the year, I create clothing and art that empower and celebrate us. Together, let's continue to support Queer and Trans artists year-round.
I'm afraid the next few months and maybe year may not be pretty, but remember, you're never alone. Now more than ever, I feel a strong calling toward art as a catalyst for healing and change. I encourage you to find your artistic voice and let it be heard. Our collective creativity and resilience are needed now.
In tough times, remember that Trans Joy is Resistance. We've faced adversity before and emerged stronger. We are here, and we are steadfast.
Lastly, I want to express my deep appreciation for your unwavering support. Each day, you help me fulfill my dream of bringing joy to others through fashion and art. It means the world to me.
Let's continue spreading love, acceptance, and support as we forge a brighter future for all.
With gratitude,
Mars Wright
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