I'm getting my hysto RN

If you're reading this...
I am in the hospital getting my hysto!!! Thank you so much for all the love and support you have been showing me leading up to my surgery! I am so grateful 🥹 
As most of you know I do almost everything for the brand myself and wanted to give a few updates for how things will go down for the next week or so while I recover.
I have shipping help and am so grateful for that but customer service responses maybe a bit slower than usual. If you need anything or have any questions please contact shipping@marswright.com and cc me mars@marswright.com
Don't hesitate to reach out! In the next few days there is a chance I may miss emails as i'll be loopy from recovery so feel free to double message if you don't hear back, I won't mind and will def appreciate the reminder.
Please be patient with me as I am trying my best (lol not me quoting my own art) and am tbh anxious about being out of commision for the next week or so.
I really appreciate you and your support!!!
Also please keep ordering, I have help shipping and all orders will help me spend time recovering and getting the rest I need <3
With love and gratitude,
Mars Wright
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