How should I dress if i'm TransMasculine?

I remember googling this when I first came out and finding very little so here our some tips i've learned over the year and some insight into my experience as a Trans Masculine fashion designer.

SO How should I dress if i'm TransMasculine?

The answer is exactly how you want to! If you identify as TransMasc you are Trans enough and whatever clothes you are wearing are perfect as they are, however...

1. Wanting to pass is valid and so is not!

When I first came out it was very important to me that I was passing. It helped with my gender dysphoria and overall safety. Because I wanted to pass so bad I changed my style and wore clothes that I didn't like as much but helped me pass. Now that I am further along on hormones and transition I pass most of the time regardless of my clothes so I have felt more freedom to dress how I like. 

Long story short if you want to pass more wear things that more basic and honestly sometimes kinda boring lolllllll. The less I tried to look fashionable the more I was able to pass. Sad but true, cis het men wear basically the same 3 things everyday and you can too!

2. There is no "RIGHT WAY" to be TransMasculine!

If you identify as Transmasculine or a Trans Man or anything you are enough!!! There is no right way to be you!!! I am so excited you are here and you are 100% welcome in our community regardless of how you dress, talk or decide to follow your own personal gender journey.

3. There are ways to dress that help alleviate gender dysphoria!

Wanting to help you gender dysphoria is super valid and I have found a lot of healing and joy through dressing specifically to help alleviate my dysphoria. I actually wrote a whole other article all about it which you can find here.

Moral of the story there is no right way to dress if you are Transmasculine but here are some tips to help alleviate dysphoria and some affirmations that you are perfectly, worthy and valid exactly as you are!

Love Mars <3

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