How I started hormone replacement therapy at the LA LGBT center!

The question I get the most is how I started testosterone! I started accessing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and more at the incredible LA LGBT Center. Seriously, they've been my rock, providing not only free parking (which is a rarity in LA) but also helping me access gender-affirming surgeries without breaking the bank. Oh, and did I mention their awesome pharmacy? Let's dive into the details!

Getting Started: Research and Support

When I began my HRT journey, the LA LGBT Center quickly caught my attention. Their website became a huge resource, filled with all the information I needed. It was like finding a treasure map that led to my authentic self.

Booking that Life-Changing Appointment

After some anticipation, I made the call to the LA LGBT Center and scheduled my first appointment. Making that call was the hardest part! Yes, there was a bit of a wait time, but trust me, it was worth every second. I waited 2 months from my initial call to get my first appointment but I’ve heard they are really working to make that wait shorter!

The Initial Consultation: A Warm Welcome

Walking into the LA LGBT Center, I was a bundle of nerves mixed with excitement. During my initial consultation, I met an amazing healthcare professional who specialized in transgender care, he is still my doctor and it’s been 5 and a half years since I wrote this! We bonded instantly, chatting about my hopes, fears, and everything in between. They answered my questions with kindness and patience, making me feel truly seen and understood.

Testosterone Magic and its Effects

Fast forward to starting testosterone. Woohoo! It's been a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery. My voice has deepened, facial hair is sprouting like a champ, and my muscles are flexing with pride. Testosterone has been like a magical elixir, bringing me closer to my authentic self with each passing day. Only downside I’m hella stinky lol

Unlocking the Letters: Surgeries covered by insurance, Here I Come!

Hold on to your seat because this part is mind-blowing. The LA LGBT Center not only helped me access those all-important letters for gender-affirming surgeries, but they went above and beyond. They submitted the letters to my insurance and connected me with surgeons who accepted my insurance. Btw I have insurance through LA care which is with medical or covered California so that was also free! Find out more about LA Care here. Can you believe it? Both of my surgeries ended up being absolutely free! It was like winning the lottery while finding my true self.

Beyond HRT: Comprehensive Care and Support

Now, let's talk about the LA LGBT Center's incredible pharmacy. Every month, I swing by and pick up my testosterone. And guess what? It only costs me a cool $20. Can you believe it? Plus, get this—they offer free delivery to anyone in LA. Convenience and affordability rolled into one.

So there you have it, my friend—my authentic journey accessing HRT and so much more at the LA LGBT Center. They've been my guiding light, from the comprehensive care and support they provided to the incredible surgeries they helped facilitate through insurance. Oh, and let's not forget the amazing pharmacy that keeps my testosterone supply steady and affordable. The LA LGBT Center truly knows how to create a nurturing and inclusive community. So, if you're in LA and considering HRT or any other aspect of your transition, reach out to them. It's like finding a family that has your back every step of the way. Together, we can embrace our true selves and conquer the world, all while saving money on surgeries and getting our hormones with a smile.

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