10 Gifts for the Trans person in your life!

10 Gifts for the Trans person in your life!

1. Trans Joy Sweater

Trans Joy Sweater


Keep warm and remind your loved ones that their joy is important to you with the Trans Joy is Resistance sweater. Designed by me, an independent Trans artists and streetwear designer you are supporting the community and helping your loved one look COOL AS HECK!!!

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2. UrBody Gender Affirming Undergarments

Urbody Gender Affirming Undergarments
Urbody Functional Fashion is committed to inspiring self-expression, self-love, and gender freedom. We believe you deserve to get dressed for the day with confidence, and that starts with what's underneath.

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3. Pronoun Accessories

They/Them Mask
Remind your friends and loved ones that their pronouns matter to you with these pronoun accessories from yours truly <3 Pro-Tip be a better ally by displaying your pronouns so people feel safe around you. Look at this amazing example!
Pronoun Merch is important!

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4. Queer Candle Company

Queer Candle Company

Each candle is topped with a visual representation of the scent (generally herbs, but sometimes including dehydrated fruits or salt rocks)! As a queer-couple-owned business, it's important to us that we use part of our profits to promote visibility and amplify the voices of members of our community - specifically the voices of trans women and non binary people of color. That's why we donate 10% of our monthly earnings to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project

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5. Transfocus Anthology Book 

TransFocus Anthology: A Collection of Trans Experiences

Every trans individual has their own collection of experiences to tell that could answer this question. Through poetry, short non-fiction, and photography, TransFocus authors, artists, and activists have come together to make this beautiful anthology. Together, they try to address a question that is truthfully far too big to answer in just one way. So, "What is it like to be trans?"

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6. Loving Myself Jacket

Loving Myself Jacket Mars Wright

Not everyone is out or wants to wear stuff that could out them, that’s why the loving myself unconditionally jacket is perfect for everyone, especially stealth folks. It’s double lined so it will keep you hella warm and also remind you that loving yourself is a process!

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7. Trans Personal Trainer

Trans Personal Trainer - GABRIEL RESENDEZ

From one time consulting sessions to monthly plans that include weekly check ins Gabriel Resendez has a package for everyone! With their deep understanding of the Trans community and needs they offer an affirming and effective guide to getting fit!

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8. ArchfiendCo Prints

Archfiend - Black Trans 3D artist

At only 21, Arch is KILLING the 3D art scene! Featured in Album Art Archive, Permanent Glue, Obby Jappari and more, Arch is literally blowing up. Support this amazing Black Trans Artist by getting some badass prints!

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9. Triton Soap

Triton Soap - trans Owned Soap Co

Self-taught saponificator Jesse brings creativity and playfulness to soap making. With vigorous nods to queer and trans culture and a bit of flirty naughtiness, he creates products that will feel good on your skin and beneath it as well. With a background in public health, body positive fitness, and transgender activism, Jesse believes that cleansing and loving ones body can be an act of love and resistance.

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10. Donation on their behalf 


Consider donating to a mutual aid or trans led organization on behalf of your loved one! Here are some to get started:

The Unique Woman's Coalition

Trans Women of Color Collective


The TransLatin@ Coalition

Trans Defense Fund LA

Please comment other ones so we can make a bigger list! I also encourage you to donate directly to Trans Folks through gofundme, venmo or other crowdfunding sources.


Happy Gifting <3 


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