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OMGGG YALL I CANT STOP CRYING AND JUMPING FOR JOY! Never in a million years did I think I would design a custom jacket hand picked for dysphoria with my art on 🥺

- It has adjustable sleeve holes so my hands don’t look too small

-adjustable side buttons so my hips don’t look big

- nice shoulder so you look strong

- Black Quilted Lining to keep you warm

- and a utility pocket on the side to keep pens or just LOOK SUPER COOL LIKE STREET WEAR!!!

The jacket says “Learning to love myself unconditionally” and I hope by wearing it out in the world folks will realize that loving yourself takes work and doesn’t happen overnight! I’m not into the whole “just stay positive” like that’s not really been helpful for me.

What’s been helpful for me has been to acknowledge how hard it is to love myself unconditionally and then to try my best to do it!

Model wearing a medium, fits true to size. Percentage of the proceeds go to The Unique Woman’s Coalition, a Los Angeles based non-profit created to address the emerging needs of the Black Trans Community.

All orders take 2 - 3 weeks to ship bc i’ts just me but I promise it’s worth it to support a small business and not a scary corporation.