Hey! I'm Mars an independent Trans artist and i'm sick of companies putting rainbows on everything for the month of June but refusing to practice real activism by supporting us year-round. That's why I say f*ck rainbow capitalism. Let's uplift each other,  let's invest our time and money into Queer Community. Let's tell them we won't fall for their BS activism anymore!

A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Black Trans Community via the UWC!


With all the awful legislation and attacks on Trans rights, all I can think is we deserve love. We deserve to be treated like human beings, we deserve compassion and understanding. If you are Trans and afraid know that I love you, that there are more people rooting for you than you know. That we will not give up.


This piece is very emotional for me. I recently went through a hard time mentally and I literally needed to write down all of the things that make life special. I wanted to remind myself and others that life is worth living even in our darkest moments. That's what I would have needed to hear as a young queer person, not that it gets better but that it's worth it to keep going <3

The shirt says life is worth living and underneath it is my list of all the reasons to stay alive <3

Visibility is Vulnerability

What does it really mean to be visible? My visibility has given me amazing opportunities but has also made me unsafe and put my gender and identity up for public discussion. Why do we have to be vulnerable in order to be visible as Trans people?