On March 11th Mars Wright and ProjectQ announced the opening of their mural at the new ProjectQ location on 4709 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029. This two-building mural, titled “Trans Joy is Resistance” is part of a larger series “Trans Joy” by the artist Mars Wright.
Commissioned by the non-profit ProjectQ this mural sits on the cross street of Vermont and Fountain Ave and will be a permanent mural.

The two building mural portrays a smattering of smiling mouths in motion in Mars Wright’s iconic illustrative style.

“How do we make Trans Joy tangible, a lived reality? We put it everywhere, we remind everyone passing by that we are not going anywhere and our joy is actively resisting the Transphobia we experience, the Transphobia that tells us we do not belong and we should not have joyous lives as out Trans people. I am so honored to have my mural at ProjectQ, an important and necessary resource for LGBTQ+ folks.” - Mars Wright



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