Clothes that help with Gender Dysphoria

Hey! My name is Mars Wright and I am a transgender fashion designer and stylist.

I have used clothing and fashion to dramatically improve my gender dysphoria and at the same time crappy clothes have made my gender dysphoria so much worse.

That's why I started my own fashion line, I was sick of trying on clothes that made me feel like crap about my body and weren't made for me. I am Transmasculine so most of these tips will pertain to my experience but if you have more tips please comment them so we can create a longer and more effective list and help more people together :)

Here are 5 tips i've learned that help end gender dysphoria:

1) Wear shirts that are tight on the arms and fit your shoulders.

You want to make sure the shoulder seam is right in line with the top of your shoulders. I know you might be thinking "hey but I want oversized clothes to hide my curves" but listen if your arms and shoulders fit well in the shirt it will accentuate your strong arms and sexy shoulder and make you look more confident. It also just needs to fit not be hella tight so don't worry about extra tummy tightness. All of my shirts fit this style and were handpicked by me, I sourced and looked at over 20 styles of tshirt to find the perfect one to help with your gender dysphoria.

Find my tshirts made specifically to fight gender dysphoria here.

2) Find pants that give your legs a rectangle shape over a triangle.

I have found a slim or straight fit is much better than a skinny because it hides the curve line from the hip to the legs and calves. I also try to get them with some stretch to fit over my booty lol. Uniqlo is my fav and they also tailor your clothes there for free.

3) Layering is your friend!

That's why I love a white t and a printed button up! I where this outfit almost everyday! That's why I made so many styles and patterns of them. It hides my curves and gives me a pop of style so I don't look like a basic cis guy lol.

Check out my button ups here

4) Patterns help hide curves and make you look so cute and fashion, especially an unexpected or asymetrical pattern.

I wore t-shirts with big patterns on them a ton pre top surgery and it really helped hide those lumps. I also incorporate lots of fun patterns on my button ups and big bold graphics on my t-shirts for this exact reason.

5) Gender Dysphoria doesn't just go away but knowing your triggers and doing your best to prepare can help from having a dysphoria spiral.

Clothing has been that preparation for me. Yes my gender dysphoria can strike at any moment but knowing I have clothes ready that make me feel sexy and enhance my best features really helps.

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